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EuroIA has been running as a community organised conference for over 15 years.

The programme has featured speakers and workshop hosts from all over the world, sharing methods and concepts openly to enhance our community of practice. Each year, three volunteers work to organise, schedule and deliver an event for the benefit of all.

Each year, we follow a similar format where attendees choose 3 half-day workshops, followed by a dual-track talk programme.

This page details previous editions of EuroIA, with links to archived programmes and photostreams. All photos and videos lovingly captured, edited and published by Peter Vermaercke.

3 people in conversation during a workshop

2019: RIGA

Theme: 'Impact'

In 2019 EuroIA visited Latvia for the first time. We came together around the theme of “Impact” and discussed how we assess, measure and frame the long-term effects of our work. Keynotes were delivered by Mike Monteiro, Alberta Soranzo and Vivianne Castillo.

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The co-chairs were Alex Boamfa, Clementina Gentile and Martina Hodges-Schell

2019 Programme

2018: DUBLIN

Theme: 'Humanogy'

In 2018 EuroIA travelled West to Dublin, Ireland. The theme was “Humanogy” – the ever closer relationship between the physical and digital worlds. We enjoyed keynotes from NASA spacesuit designer Amy Ross and the founder of IA himself, Oliver Reichenstein.

View the 2018 Google photo album.

The co-chairs were Xander Roozen, Oana Secara and Alberta Soranzo.

2018 Programme


Theme: 'Adaptation and designing for change'

In 2017 EuroIA took place in Stockholm, Sweden. The theme was “Adaptation and designing for change”. The keynote speakers were Stephanie Akkaoui-Hughes, Luciano Floridi and Lou Rosenfeld. 

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The co-chairs were Angus Edwardson, Raffaella Roviglioni and Francis Rowland

2017 Programme


Theme: 'Connected things among us'

EuroIA returned to Amsterdam in 2016. The theme was “Connected things amongst us”. The keynote speakers were Claire Rowland, Alanus Von Radecki and Alistair Duff

View the 2016 Google photo album.

The co-chairs were Sylvie Daumal, Koen Peters and Konstantin Weiss

2016 Programme