Design for hope and impact

A Deep Dive into Systemic Design

This workshop will focus on Systemic Design, a relatively new methodology that brings together methods from systems thinking and design thinking, in order to tackle complex organisational and social problems. During the workshop, we will introduce the Systemic Design Toolkit, a set of design tools and techniques which are meant to be used in participatory workshops. The framework of the toolkit encourages dialogue between all the stakeholders involved. The toolkit acts on a strategic level, supporting people in both the analysis of a problematic situation and the co-creation of multiple design “interventions”. Expect a mostly interactive workshop. We’ll be going through the seven steps of the systemic design methodology, simulating a real case (school dropouts). You will learn to “listen to the system”, create system maps, ideate on paradoxes (using a paradox cards set) and plan interventions in the system. Target audience are designers who are interested in broadening their set of skills – especially in the strategic domain – and facilitators trying to cope with change on a social or organisational level.
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