A re-introduction to information architecture

2018 Workshop


This half day workshop is a (re)introduction to information architecture. It is for people who haven’t done information architecture work for a while; and people with experience in user experience work who feel like they have a gap in their IA skill set.

As a more advanced workshop, we’ll cover topics in more depth than in a more introductory style workshop. We’ll cover pros and cons, tips and tricks for at least the following topics:

  • Classification schemes: Audience, topic, geography etc
  • IA structures: Hierarchies, matrices, facets
  • Scientific and folk classifications
  • Supplementary IA: Search, indexes, links
  • Testing IA
  • Enterprise IA

About 2 weeks before the workshop, I’ll ask you to email me with the topics you’re interested in, or problems you are facing.

This will be a very interactive, discussion-based workshop.

About the speaker(s)

Donna has been working in information architecture, user experience design and strategy for a very long time. She’s been teaching IA and UX for more than 10 years and has written 3 books. She’s now working at Readify where she’s helping create the design practice.