Being an evil mastermind – part 2

2018 Talk


Congratulations. You followed the guide to become an evil mastermind. You’re no longer a petty peasant of the lower ranks. You’re leading a team now. Of course, we both know, that this is just a first step to total domination. As long as you still want to be an evil mastermind, then you should listen now carefully. Some of your old tactics need to be revised and with your new position of power, you have some other options available. The company you’re working for has slowly matured in understanding and adopting UX or CX or whatever you managed to place in the brains of the others. But you are striving for even more. A design driven company. In this eight minute talk, we will refresh your toolbox for even more change on your way to become an evil mastermind, ehm, for changing your company to a UX-driven organisation.