Chatbot development asks for new ways to involve end-users to secure great customer experience

2018 Talk


Chatbots opens up for a new way to inform and communicate with end-users. Before the time of chatbot’s spiced with AI a company could control that digital products would be in line with the overall company strategy before they went live. Chatbots that only on AI challenges the user researcher to approach new methods – in order to ensure products are slick and on par with the overall company strategy before they go live. This short case study shares the experience of a chatbot being born and the research that went into it. The emphasis will be on presenting the design research done before launch of the chatbot: 2 studies – gorilla studies 5 studies – formal think aloud studies 3 studies – chatbot training sessions Total of 64 members have been involved. The aim of this presentation is to inspire how end-users can be involved in the development of chatbots and why finalizing the overall interface calls for several different methodologies.

About the speaker(s)

Loba van Heugten is a Digital Customer Experience Manager at PensionDenmark. Focus is on service design, design research and user experience. PensionDenmark is a non-profit labor market pension fund, with a distinct aim to be first mover within online solutions facing members. Loba has a previous experience as a Design Researcher at Microsoft Dynamics, Nordea and LBi.