Do It In a Genius Way: Building a Strategy For UX Research

2019 Talk


Coming up with a UX research strategy that would take into account the uniqueness of your product, its current and/or prospective users, development phase, human and material resources of your company and its UX maturity level is not an easy thing. And what if you are working in a company with 60+ products on different stages of their life cycle, serving sometimes unrelated user groups, and the product teams are still unsure what is the difference between BA, QA and UX persons? Challenge accepted!

The current talk emphasises the strategic side of the UX research activities – and presents it as an essential part of a larger enterprise context. We’ll go through the main stages of the UX research strategy creation and implementation, making sense of the whole ecosystem around it (product eco-system, market eco-system, stakeholders eco-system).

As the result, you will get an essential snapshot on how to make UX research an essential and demanded part of a development process – and doing it in a Genius way.

About the speaker(s)

Empowered with 10 years experience in conducting and managing research projects on national and transnational level, I’m currently making sure that the users of all 60+ products of Genius Sports feel empowered by our software and get the most value out of each system.

Combining UX research and marketing research methods with business analytics allows me to gain unique insights from the transdisciplinary analytical perspective. Dealing with complex research problems, multi-cultural product teams, global development teams and sophisticated, multi-user products on the everyday basis, necessary requires making strong decisions not only on tactical but also on strategical level.