Experience mapping ­ how to get actionable results out of it?

2019 Workshop


Experience mapping and user journey mapping is a great tool to walk through the service from the user perspective and to see the helicopter view of customer experience. But often done as a workshop with multiple stakeholders it becomes just a visual workshop artifact or document and teams struggle to find a way to make it an actionable tool. In this workshop you will look into ways to make your customer experience map as a living customer experience and product development tool, looking into zoom levels, additional lanes, and user story mapping as an action plan for IT or product development. I will also share some typical errors and personal lessons learned about mapping customer journeys.

The workshop will be a mix of theory and hands-on experience, targeted to UX designers, product designers, service designers – who are familiar with experience mapping and want to learn how to use this tool even more efficient.

About the speaker(s)

As Head of UX/Service design at If P&C Insurance, she has been responsible for introducing UX and Service design in previously engineering­led, classical finance industry company. She has learned to merge UX and service design sprints with quick and actionable outputs for Agile development teams. Previously worked as UX Researcher & service designer, has got experience working in both agency side and in­house, and has designed various web and mobile applications for FinTech (insurance & banking & fin­tech startups), telco as well as for government institutions as well as services for the health industry. She is also UX Riga conference founder/curator and passionate to share her learnings about UX and service design with other digital product makers.