How to Make Impact as Junior UXer

2019 Lightning Talk


Being Junior is never easy. Yet, it’s one of the roles opening lots of possibilities to grow and impact your organization and the UX culture in the organization. Given that the UX field is relatively young itself, it requires daring and passionate Juniors who will be able to grow into real Professionals in the future. The talk helps any novice in any field find their way into UX no matter what they started with and when they are at the moment. The talk will also cover some real-life examples of growing from zero to hero.

About the speaker(s)

Oksana Ivanova is a self-made UXer with a background in Information Architecture and Game Design. She started in a company as a consultant on a project but was able to become a Product Owen and Project Manager. At the moment Oksana is a CX and UX professional in a Canadian startup, and she believes that it’s better to grow and nurture Juniors into true leaders within the organization than hire managers from aside.