Inclusive design

2018 Talk


The World Health Organization (WHO) states that up to 15% of the world’s population, as many as 1 billion people, are living with some form of disability.

In an ideal world, inclusive design thinking would allow us to accommodate every user’s preferences. This can become difficult as we you start to learn more about your users and find many conflicting needs. Your aim then might be to design for a wide range of base needs which aims to benefit as many of your users as possible.

Doing this early in your design process allows you to design for as diverse a range of users as possible. I will share an approach we use in our design team at Cisco to ensure we are designing for inclusion.

About the speaker(s)

Daniel began his career in Web Development, working alongside teams including market leaders and household brand names with a focus on E-Commerce. As an experienced Interaction designer, Daniel works as an accessibility lead and advocate within a global team of designers, designing solutions in the field of unified
In his spare time, Daniel enjoys learning new trends and behaviours, getting lost in new cities and meeting new people.