Poetry and the Limits of the Semantic Web

2018 Talk


As part of my work as an information architecture practitioner, I have come up against the particular problem of how best to present poetry on the web that is true to both its meaning as cultural product and as data. How do we handle poetics in a digital milieu that increasingly accommodates machine users, and is shaped by quantifiable evidence? We all recognise the use of findable, accessible and navigable content, but what are the benefits or pitfalls of subjecting even poetic/artistic content to these principles? And what does this question suggest about the way we approach both the places we are crafting and the communities these places serve?

About the speaker(s)

North (aka Christian) Kuras is an information architecture practitioner, UX designer and artist. He’s been running a digital consultancy for over 10 years, working with small to medium companies and cultural organisations. North is currently working on the domain model for an online learning environment that will deliver training in traditional drawing and drafting skills to professional engineers and architects.