Privacy and humane Design

2019 Talk


Everything we create and put out in the wild has an impact on its environment. There are many ways to evaluate that impact. One aspect is the privacy of an individual, a group or even a whole society. While privacy has been wildly debated due to new legislation like the European GDPR, only a few people tried to understand what privacy truly is and means. And even fewer designers started to think about privacy as something that is worth considering, besides the the constraints coming from the legal department.

Most companies are busy with obeying to the new privacy laws, but few started considering launching products or services, that actually have an idea of privacy as part of their design principles. Privacy doesn’t start or end with consent to data usage. Design with an awareness of privacy is respecting the users and their lives. Designing for privacy is a very humane way of shaping your intent and the impact of your product.

This talk will get back to the basics of modern privacy concepts, starting with the definitions from Alan Westin – the so-called father of modern privacy law – heading to our current situation, where we cannot ignore that the internet has already had a dramatic impact on our society. Good and bad. This talk provides an additional point of view on your user’s and customer’s lives. It will provide ideas how to really design for people and their relationships. How to have a valuable impact on their lives and creating better products and services through privacy awareness.

About the speaker(s)

Lutz Schmitt is an independent Designer and Consultant. As such he helps his clients to create services, spaces and products with a hang on connected products and always trying to design the influence to the environment. He’s a public speaker on design theory and privacy and was Co-Chair of the EuroIA 2015. Life-time goal: Cook or bake some food that brings someone to tears of joy. Not achieved yet.