Designing a future we love

The world needs more connection. We need products and services we love, but we also need to love each other and love our planet. But, how do we build a future based on love and connectedness when we are in a present based on fear, social division, and the looming catastrophe of climate change? In this workshop we will use the tools of speculative design to create a space for imagination and play when we blast into 2021, and instead of finding a dystopian wasteland we discover a thriving planet full of strong communities and happy people. In this workshop we will explore: How might we bring love into 2120 through artifacts, symbols, rituals, and campaigns? We will first explore the concept of falling in love, how do we build love with the people we are designing for, but beyond that the systems, ecosystems and natural environments. From that point of love and empathy we will practice world building, where we imagine what this preferred future looks like together and explore the role of designers in shaping that world by creating visual artefacts and narratives. We will then travel back in time to today and look at how we can use the artefacts and narratives we’ve brought back to create strategies to build our preferred future.
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