A ‘phygital’ future?

Talk + Q&A | Friday 25th September, 2:15pm – 2:30pm CEST

Living in India, I got used to a lot of home services for every odd job possible.You can find someone to bring milk or newspapers to your doorstep, wash clothes, dishes, clean the house or the car, take out trash, anything you want. This physical and personal ecosystem was an integral part of my daily life. It exists on the basic word of mouth communication, community interaction and proximity service principle. As humane as it gets! Something that we seem to be forgetting in this ‘oh-so-digital-world’ with our dozens of devices & apps.

The talk brings forth a wicked solution that is extremely common in a developing country like India. For the western world, it is unheard of and practically impossible to find this balance. 

But as we shape our service ecosystem for tomorrow, what should we prioritise? Do we have to start from scratch while hoping tech can help us in solving all the problems; or we look at some deep-rooted examples in other contexts to learn from while keeping up the pace with the digitalization. Or is it even worthy to digitalise a fully functioning humane ecosystem? Digital transformation is the future. But is it really the only tool to shape our tomorrow? In a post COVID world, how do we pave the way for a ‘new normal’?

Can we combine the physical and digital worlds and build our phygital future?

Akanksha Gupta