Building better Leaders

Talk + Q&A | Thursday 24th September, 2:30pm – 2:45pm CEST

I’ll let you in on a secret. There’s an untapped market worth $40 trillion that has doubled in the last 20 years? What if I told you in the US, other untapped markets are growing between 35% to 70% decade on decade. Would you want to access them?

These markets are available to everyone, known by most, yet only a few are designing for them. Those who do, are coming out on top.

Your company already employs experts in these markets. Their knowledge and command have passed unnoticed. They’re underutilised and you’re losing out.

These people are women, underrepresented communities, those with stories often untold. They are the other 50%. Does that change how you’re reading this? Don’t worry I won’t tell your boss, oh boy would she be mad. You’re not the first person to overlook our absence in your boardroom. Nor overlook our uniqueness in your product. But you could be the last.

Diverse perspectives lead to more innovative products (Forbes). They build stronger teams that stick around (Harvard Business Review).

This talk is for the leaders, and future leaders, of our industry. Those who want to be lead successful businesses by building for the world, today.

I’ll share my knowledge of how to build inclusive work cultures. How to recruit, educate and encourage real representation. Where you can start, and how to know it’s working your workplace.

Kathryn Hing