Content strategy for invisible UX

Talk + Q&A | Live Talk + Q&A | Monday 21st September, 3:10pm – 3:50pm CEST

As a Content Strategist, it can be hard to understand how and where you are contributing to a project if the final deliverable doesn’t involve much writing, or even a user interface. There’s a growing need for UX involvement on products that live behind the UI – products that involve search, recommendations, and other technical systems. But what do you do as a UX person once you’ve been asked to help build one of these products? In this presentation, we’ll introduce a framework for understanding technical features as systems of components. We’ll talk about what these components are, and we’ll describe familiar IA tactics that you can use to contribute to their design. This talk will draw on examples taken from our own project work, where we help design dynamic, search, and personalization experiences for Shopify.

Evija Sundman


Kay Jorgensen