Flattening the Learning Curve – a Clever Diagram Can Tell More Than 1000 Buzzwords

Talk + Q&A | Tuesday 22nd September, 2:15pm – 2:30pm CEST

How to be taken seriously as subject matter expert while presenting, even remote(ly)?

So, you want to do a presentation and have too much or tell or must give a talk and nothing to say? You cannot risk to exceed your audiences’ (buzzword) capacity and need to make them relate to your content quickly, even with low attention span or bandwidth ?

No problem: don’t bother about the amount and quality of your content. The right diagrams come to the rescue and help to convey the message or to cover the void.

Spice up your content with highly tweetable slides, your audience expects to see, using the must-have familiar yet impressive “info” graphics that signal know-how in UX, IA, etc.

This talk illustrates hands-on examples helping you to decide when to use what graphic, that you cannot miss to use in order to leverage being perceived as an expert telling something of relevance about a certain hot topic visually … and it shows cool animations too.

Benno Loewenberg