Hope in our hands: on the architecture of aspiration and transformation

Live Talk + Q&A | Monday 21st September, 2:30pm – 3:10pm CEST

Interaction design keeps tightly to the loops of Sense and Respond and OODA but there are broader loops of hope and emotion.

This is a talk about the architestures of these bigger loops: of autonoesis, of transcendence, of joy and of disappointment.

To design for hope and to support aspirations, we need to recognise both the uniqueness of humanity and the vastness within ourselves. This is a talk that covers: How the uniquely human capacity of autonoetic conciousness bridges between the vastness of imagination and the practical moment of deciding to take an action.

How awe is used to reassess our sense of self as we move thru novel experiences. How we live on the edge of joy, disappointment and transcendence in our understanding of our experiences.

Modern research and design has made humans seem small and hopelessly foolish compared to new technologies like AI and we need to reassess and restore the ideas of how great human capactities are.

Restoring the architectures of hope in modern design is a start.

Alastair Somerville

Workshop host and speaker