Hopeful and Powerless? Design During a Crisis.

Stephen P. Anderson

Midweek Keynote, Wed 23 Sep 14:45 CEST

As designers, we feel things more acutely. Empathy. Ethics. Experiences. And at the heart of design is a desire to make things better. To leave the world a better place than we found it. Which is why we’re bothered by things like bad kerning, a poor information environment, or short-term thinking (with long term consequences). These are things that disturb us. Which can make our current circumstances feel… overwhelming.

Speaker and teacher Stephen P. Anderson will share what he’s learned about dealing with difficult situations, whether that within a team, within ourselves , or with the world and things at large. We’ll look at the work of futurists as well as therapists, with an eye to tools we can use, and other things to think with.

Bring your cares and concerns, as we talk about how to design the future you want, for your self and for the world at large.

Stephen P. Anderson

Founder, Mighty Minds Club

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