Stress and the digital age: Evidence-based approaches to designing for wellbeing

Live Talk + Q&A | Tuesday 22nd September, 2:30pm - 3pm CEST

Stress is the underlying cause of almost every form of health and wellbeing issue, from mental health to autoimmune disorders. As digital services become more embedded in our environments, and integrated into our physical selves, do designers have a responsibility to understand and anticipate the contribution of digital products on the people that use them? Did you know that the primary cause of heart-disease, chronic low-back pain and depression is stress? But what is stress, what causes it, and why does it result in such physical problems? And how can digital designers help?

This session brings together clinical evidence about how the human body perceives and responds to stress and ways the design and function of digital environments and services can create tension. Learn to embed whole-person concepts into the design process, anticipate user’s response to your products, and create strategies to prevent stress. We will reflect on how techniques like storytelling can lead to compassionate approaches to design and how the user experience community can influence public health and wellbeing.

Digital environments can, if poorly designed, create unresolvable stress that is the hardest for humans to tolerate. Weaving experience from the UX community and physiotherapy practice this talk will explore how to make the evidence-based case for compassionate design: healthier employees, happier more effective communities, and ethical practice.

Louise Bloom