Telling systems stories for positive social change

Live Talk + Q&A | Friday 25th September, 2:30pm – 3pm CEST

Telling stories is a powerful way for us to make sense of our experiences and gain understanding of the world around us. When we tell stories, we put a narrative to our identity, communicate who we are, and tell others what is meaningful to us.

Where our power as researchers lies is in telling impactful stories about other people to move stakeholders to act. All too often the organisations we work for take a myopic view of a problem, failing to see the bigger picture and it’s in these situations that the effects of poor decisions ripple out across society. What’s needed is a systems thinking approach to understanding the entire ecosystem around a problem, and then a great communication strategy for relaying this to the people with the power to make a positive change.

By telling systems stories about customers and users to business stakeholders we can widen their lense, so they can make better decisions. It is our duty as the conduit between people and businesses to ensure the whole story is told. We’ll be covering:

  • What is systems thinking?
  • Why is telling stories so effective?
  • The common systems archetypes to look out for during research?
  • How do you ask systemic questions?
  • Practical storytelling techniques to prompt stakeholders to act

Laura Yarrow