The Man who was forgotten

Talk + Q&A | Tuesday 22nd September, 2:00pm – 2:15pm CEST

This talk is devoted to a problem a human being, lost and forgotten in the middle of digital technologies, agile practices, trends, design tools etc.

The talk could consist of three parts:

  1. Philosophical – digital companies practice a lot of method and tech to create products at the highest pace possible. Design conferences are run to cover the variety of emerging tools, design systems, UX leadership, etc. All this stuff is talked to be user-oriented. But just a couple of talks is devoted to … the human being. It seems that human (or user) was forgotten;
  2. Ethical – many companies do not embrace human-related theory and practice (like ergonomics or applied psychology), relying on production A/B tests or site analytics instead. But this is too similar to running experiments on rabbits, who are not aware and are sentenced to suffer from the less successful product version. Is it ethical?
  3. Practical – just a quick reminder pointing on the scientific and engineering practices, allowing companies to create products even an higher pace without leaving the man overboard: ergonomics of physical space and workspace ergonomics, psychology and physiology of perception, standards and references, etc.

Yury Solonitsyn