Architecture of Ambience: Exploring emergent ambient computing capabilities in the home

Tuesday 22nd September, 4pm – 7:30pm CEST

A new era of computational interfaces are quickly arriving in the home that are challenging traditional notion of computation as focal/session-based. Internet connected objects and voice enabled ambient computing products growing at an exponential rates are poised to become major pillars in the daily lives of many people.

How should information be organized, arranged, and presented to users? What should these products look, sound, and feel like? How can we create systems that steer technology solutions away from dystopian futures? How can those systems embody multimodal solutions that empower us to focus on the task at hand?

During the workshop we will brainstorm user opportunities in the home that can benefit from an increasingly ambient and connected world of devices. Thinking about emerging device capabilities (for example, presence detection, voice and face recognition, ambient sound, etc.), we will think through architectures for how these building blocks can be combined to help solve user problems.

Process will include: Brainstorming session & discussion, idea focus, sketching, concepting, and information architecture exploration.

Please be prepared to draw/sketch/write on post-its or paper or through a digital medium, and to be able to share these sketches by taking photos and adding them to Google docs/slides and presenting through video conference.

Jon Gaiser

Workshop host

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