Sharing Hope

Wednesday 23rd September, 4pm – 7:30pm CEST

This workshop provides three new ways of thinking about Hope for design. Bringing together the latest ideas in neuroscience, emotional design and community development, participants will explore three spaces for Hope: Meta, Micro and Macro.

  • In metaspace: learning how old ideas of human consciousness have been transformed into new concepts of uniquely human capacities of autonoesis and awe.
  • In microspace: practicing together teaching and learning to understand new theories of emotion in interaction design.
  • In macrospace: discussing how individual hope needs both natural environments and diverse communities to prosper.

This workshop offers you the opportunity to learn about differing mental models to approach the architecture of Hope from system, ecological and human-centered approaches. Being aware of the meta, micro and macro enables you to switch to the appropriate model, set of metaphors and tools to enable hope to succeed, now and into the far future in whatever project or service you are helping to create.

Key takeaways:

  • 3 models to approach architecture and design for Hope
  • Practical experience of hope in interactions
  • Awareness of latest relevant work in neuroscience and community development on imagination and hope

Alastair Somerville

Workshop host and speaker

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