Measuring and managing customer centricity

2019 Talk


We often find ourselves working as part of programmes that are transforming organisations. We’re no longer thinking about a widget, or an app, or a service, but about what it takes to change organisations at scale.

When you look at our work at that scale, you need to know: what are the feedback mechanisms that senior managers need?

How do they avoid choosing vanity metrics or meaningless measures like ‘velocity’, ‘conversion rate’, or ‘NPS’?

I’ve been talking to senior leadership teams, asking: what are the decisions they need to take, and what is the information they need to form those decisions.

This talk will show the model I’ve developed to help the organisations I work with.

About the speaker(s)

Giles Colborne is co-founder of cxpartners, one of the UK’s leading user centred design consultancies. He works with some of the world’s biggest companies helping them to change to become more customer centred. He’s a former co-chair of IA Summit, and has worked with British Standards Institution to develop accessibility guidelines. The second edition of his book, ‘Simple and usable’ is now available.