Those Who Live at the Library

2018 Talk


Libraries are repositories not only of books, but of objects, unbound collections of papers, memorabilia, and precious documents donated by patrons and ordinary people. Today, most of the personal collections that arrive at the library are broken apart and distributed across the various archives within the library according to itemized categories. Archives have always served as a testimony for history, knowledge and collective memory. “Those Who Live at the Library” is a project that challenges the traditional methods of archiving by piecing together personal narratives based on collections conserved by everyday individuals. By reassembling these troves and revealing hidden stories, we are granted an authentic voice to understanding our collective history and chronicles of the past.

About the speaker(s)

As an experience designer and creative technologist, I craft digital products that are story-driven and human-centric. My work focuses on helping people understand the world better through design and technology. I hold a Masters degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU, where I received Google’s Experiments in Storytelling grant.

In addition to my career in design, I teach at the Tandon School of Engineering at NYU and advise thesis at SVA at the Interaction Design program. My insatiable curiosity drives my love for research, and I am passionate about making memorable and meaningful experiences that people can share together.